Pattaya Beach Girls

Fun at the Beach

To meet  Pattaya beach girls while strolling along the beach road can be a lot of fun. Of course these girls are there to earn some money, but they love to flirt around and have fun with you too.

These girls are freelancers and work for themselves, if you are lucky they just sit and chat with you, while having a beach drink and enjoy the beautiful day.

Take a Photo and They Will Love You

Nothing new that Thai girls love be photographed, Pattaya Girls love it too and it’s an easy way to get into a conversation with them. The environment, the sun, the beach and maybe a drink will do the rest to start a nice afternoon.

Where to find  Beach Girls

As the word beach tells you, you will find them on nearly all beaches in Pattaya. Hot zone and centre to find that fun searching girls is all along the Pattaya Beach Road. They will be sitting there under the palm trees of the sidewalk.

What personality do they have

A mixture of all kinds of girls. Most of them are very nice, as all the girls here, but tend to be a bit shy -  but they are not. Coming from the bar environment, they know how to act and find their customers.

How to obtain Pattaya Beach Girls

As I told you before, take a picture, say hello and you will be easily in a conversation. To have some eye-catching nice girls at the beach, makes your beach stroll much more fun.

What else will it cost

Usually, if you want to have a good time with her she will take about 500 Bht up to 1500 Bht, depending on her age.

But if you like her and want her to join for the rest of your vacation, you have to haggle like on a bazaar.

Talking about costs, be careful about that girls, if it is easy to steal some money, they will do it and disappear.

Final Tip

Always be careful about that freelance Pattaya Beach Girls. Some of them might be on drugs, and believe me you don’t want to get involved in any drug affair in Thailand. It’s better to stay away from that. Not talking about any disease you could be contracted with.

Always, always be careful and use a condom, or the fun will soon turn into horror.

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